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Mission & Philosophy Statements

Mission Statement
St. Thomas More Catholic School provides excellence in elementary education. Together with parents, the school community fosters the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical growth of the students. We exist to teach and guide children to live a Christ-centered life that embraces cultural diversity and is expressed in Christian leadership through service to others.
St. Thomas More received a full term of joint accreditation from the Western Catholic Educational Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
Statement of School Philosophy
We at St. Thomas More School participate in the church’s mission of education by providing a Catholic environment of Christian life and learning. We strive to integrate the gospel values into our daily lives and encourage our students to grow in their relationships with God, in their self-esteem and in their respect for one another.
Recognizing the uniqueness of each child, we strive to provide an educational program, which directs the students to become responsible individuals and to live full lives through the integration and sharing of Christian values, experiences and knowledge.
Acknowledging parents as the primary educators of their children, we assist by providing an environment that will nourish the faith development of each person.
Our purpose is to foster growth of the whole person. Through religious, intellectual, psychological, social, physical and aesthetic development, the full human potential of each individual may be attained.
Religious Goals
We hold the Catholic Church’s teaching and gospel message to be of prime importance by providing an atmosphere that fosters spiritual growth, moral decision-making and community involvement. We strive to integrate Christian values into our daily lives and bring Christ’s message of love and peace to all.
We strive to achieve these goals by:
  • developing a spirit of love, respect, trust, gratitude and sensitivity to God, ourselves and others.
  • integrating Christian values in other areas of the curriculum whenever possible.
  • providing opportunities to strengthen faith through prayer, scripture, Eucharistic celebrations and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • assisting parents to grow in their own faith, through involvement in their child’s preparation in the parish’s sacramental programs.
  • guiding students to develop a Christian conscience through our Christian example and the doctrinal and scriptural teachings of the church.
  • providing opportunities to reach-out to those less fortunate in our parish family, community and the world.
  • nurturing our students to witness and grow in commitment to the gospel message of Jesus.
  • celebrating the church’s liturgical seasons by having special activities during Advent, Lent and Easter season.
  • reinforcing and extending the application of the Christian values already learned in the family.
  • fostering an appreciation of life as a precious gift of God’s Love.
Intellectual Goals
Our goal is to provide a comprehensive educational program that promotes the acquisition of basic skills according to the potential of each student. We strive to provide challenging educational experiences, which will stimulate the intellectual curiosity of the students and develop the abilities and skills needed to pursue learning.
We strive to achieve these goals by:
  • using a variety of teaching strategies and techniques to meet the individual needs of students.
  • developing sound, effective study skills that are essential to the learning process.
  • motivating students to independently investigate related subject material beyond that which is presented in the classroom.
  • encouraging students to be accountable for the quality and accuracy of their assigned work.
  • fostering self-confidence and pride in academic achievements.
  • continuing to build a solid foundation for basic reading skills, and encouraging appreciation of classic literature.
  • providing opportunities for students to express ideas with clarity and grammatical accuracy in oral and written speech.
  • developing basic listening skills needed to effectively follow directions.
  • developing basic mathematical concepts and skills, and promoting their effective application.
  • stressing effective critical thinking skills, which enable students to solve problems in all areas of learning and real-life situations.
  • providing an atmosphere that creates an enthusiasm for learning.
Psychological Goals
We place importance on creating an atmosphere of acceptance conducive to the development of the whole person, with special emphasis on enhancing a positive self-image. We strive to encourage respect, placing value on each person’s unique contributions of abilities, talents and ideas.
We strive to achieve these goals by:
  • communicating positive praise and affirmation toward one another.
  • encouraging children to use their talents to benefit all.
  • developing an understanding and acceptance of oneself and others.
  • providing opportunities for students to appreciate and use their individual talents.
  • encouraging positive approaches to handle conflict.
  • providing means of developing respect and appropriate relationships with those in authority.
  • cultivating self-discipline and accepting responsibility for one’s decisions.
  • recommending and encouraging the use of available professional help when needed.
  • developing confidence in one’s ability as a learner, to provide motivation for continued learning.
Sociological Goals
We encourage students to develop themselves to their fullest potential as individuals and members of society, using their Christian values to guide them. We concentrate on heightening the students’ social awareness of their important roles as members of society.
We strive to achieve these goals by:
  • providing students with an opportunity to work together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.
  • recognizing each student’s unique contribution to society through an appreciation of the diverse cultures within the community.
  • providing opportunities that develop a sense of well being nurtured by self-respect and a commitment to Christian values.
  • guiding the students to realize the importance of becoming responsible citizens.
  • instilling a sense of responsibility in the students through community service.
  • encouraging students to share their God-given talents for the welfare of others.
  • providing opportunities for students to develop leadership qualities.
  • encouraging students to be more actively involved in the school community through participation in student government.
Physical Goals
We strive to teach basic principles of health, physical fitness, nutrition, drug awareness, and safety within curricular and extra-curricular programs. We assist the children in developing an understanding, appreciation, and respect for their bodies, which is necessary for leading more fulfilling lives.
We strive to achieve this by:
  • fostering positive attitudes among the students toward competition and sportsmanship.
  • encouraging students to participate in extra-curricular activities.
  • teaching the skills needed to participate in selected sports and organized games.
  • stressing the importance of developing good eating habits through health and nutrition classes.
  • helping students to appreciate and maintain a safe, healthy and clean environment.
  • providing physical education classes, which give students an opportunity to develop fitness, coordination and basic motor skills.
  • providing limited health screening and making referrals when physical problems are observed.
  • fostering school spirit.
  • maintaining awareness of the effects of substance abuse through drug awareness programs.
  • heightening an awareness and understanding of AIDS through Christian values, following the guidelines of the Archdiocesan AIDS Awareness Program.
Aesthetic Goals
Through the teaching of music and art, we strive to impart knowledge and instill an appreciation of humanity’s diverse traditions and cultures. We strive to intensify an awareness of the presence of God in the beauty and goodness of the world.
We strive to accomplish these goals by:
  • developing an awareness and appreciation of diverse religious and secular music and art forms.
  • encouraging the students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the creativity and talents of others.
  • providing opportunities for sharing the musical and artistic talents of others.
  • encouraging students to express their individual creativity through the use of various art media.
  • scheduling activities that expose students to multicultural experiences.