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Honors & Awards

Honors and Awards
Awards serve as incentives to encourage students to perform to the best of their ability, and to recognize those who have done so. Students will be recognized at the completion of each grading period for their academic achievement, effort, service, and courtesy. Assemblies are held in the Church or parish hall. Parents are always encouraged to attend. Dates and times are listed in the school calendar.
Students will be eligible to receive awards for Scholastic Excellence and Academic Excellence. Students are also nominated from each class for noted improvement, courtesy, service, effort and or achievement, and one is chosen to receive the Principals’ Award.
Students are awarded Scholastics Honors when they have earned an A or A- in all major subjects (Religion, Math, Reading, English, Spelling/Vocabulary, Science, Social Studies), and an O in both Effort and Conduct.
Students are recognized for Academic Excellence if they have a B average in all the major subjects, and no grade lower than a G in effort and conduct. It is possible for a student to have one (1) C in a major subject and one A in another major subject to average it, but only one C can be "averaged" in order to qualify for Academic Excellence.
Students who receive awards may not receive lower than a C in all areas of study.