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Spiritual Formation

Your child’s spiritual formation is extremely important. As part of their journey with Christ we want students:
  • To have a strong sense of self as a child of God and a positive self-image.
  • To follow in Jesus’ footsteps and strive to be better people every day.
  • To make moral choices based on the values taught.
  • To live their lives according to the Gospel values and practice God’s teachings.
  • To foster Christian values of compassion, tolerance, justice, and respect for the dignity of life.
Students learn about these Christian values daily through regular prayer, religion classes, and an integration of the School Wide Learning Expectations and Catholic Social Teachings throughout the curriculum. Students participate in weekly school Masses.
Students are prepared to receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion beginning in second grade or beyond. A parent’s spiritual formation is just as important and helps guide the children as they prepare for these very special sacraments. For that reason parents must attend a year-long family catechesis course in order for their child to receive these sacraments. Students in second grade and beyond who have not been baptized can participate in the parishes RCIC program (please call the rectory for more information).