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STM provides a variety of fundraising programs to accommodate your fundraising efforts. Each family must provide a minimum of $450.00 in profit or may “buy out.” In the event a family has not reached the sales goal before by May, they will be assessed the difference. Classroom, Sports or Student fundraisers are not included.
Earn $$$ for STM when you shop at Ralphs.
Simply register your Ralphs rewards Card online at, using our NPO #80105. Individual purchases will begin counting towards STM within 72 hours of registering. Every time a member shops for groceries and swipes their card, our organization automatically starts earning a rebate. If you do not have access to the online sign-up method, please call 1-800-443-4438 to learn about the alternative sign-up method. Ralphs donates 1% of eligible purchases up to $200 per month; 2% of eligible purchases between $200.01 and $350 per month; 3% of eligible purchases between $350.01 and $500 per month and 4& of eligible purchases over $500.