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A Letter From Mrs. Ortiz

Dear First Grade Parents or Guardians,
I am looking forward to working with your child this academic school year and helping him/her achieve his/her full potential. It will be  a big year of transition for your child. Not only will he/she continue to grow physically; he/she will continue to grow in his/her academic skills in the areas of reading, writing, math, and way more . Amazingly, this will happen while he/she is getting used to a  day of full instruction. Every morning, we will start our day with "Bellwork", a time when students sit quietly at their desk and work independently until approx. 8:10am. 
As a parent, you have a very important role in the success of your child's academic achievements. Staying involved in your child's education is the key to a successful year. Please make sure you are checking my STM teacher webpage and most importantly subscribe to my page as soon as possible to receive weekly classroom news. Make sure you are reading very important letters I send home that will explain what your child is learning at school etc. Also, don't forget to read the weekly homework agenda sheet I send home on Mondays. 
Contact Email:
Mrs. Ortiz
Extra Math Practice at Home:
I encourage all of my students  to go onto this webpage at home: (kids can play games to improve math facts fluency and much more). User Name and Password to go home at a later date.

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Homework Agenda for the Week of 1/21-1/25

  • Tomorrow Jan. 23rd- Worker Puppets are due.
  • Tomorrow- Mass Day- formal uniform required. On formal uniform days children should wear STM cardigan and if too cold then they may wear an STM logo jacket. Also, everyday STM students should be wearing solid black or white shoes.
  • If for any reason you send your child to school with the incorrect uniform a courtesy letter to the teacher is greatly appreciated, depending on the situation- your child may be excused by the teacher or principals discretion. otherwise your child will receive a uniform notice. Please be aware that frequent  violations of not following dress code will result in a low grade for Behavior. 
  • Red Folders with grade classwork and tests will go home Monday, Jan. 28th instead of this Friday 1/25. 
  • Please make some time every week to practice math facts with your child. I sent home a new set of green math facts last week. Please save them along with the others that I have sent home in the past. Some children are struggling with their facts. If you have any questions please feel free to see me or write me a note. 
  • 100th Day of School Activity- the children will be making their own necklace using Fruit Loops cereal. So, I ask that each student comes to school on Jan. 31st  with a ziploc bag filled with 100 Fruit Loops. Also, if anybody is interested in service hours- it would be great if someone donates 1 box of Fruit Loops just in case we need more. 
  • Progress Reports go home Friday 1/25/19. Please keep an eye out for them.
Have a wonderful week everybody!
Mrs. Ortiz 

Homework Agenda for the Week of Jan. 14th

  • Mass this Wed. Formal Uniform for all students.
  • No school this coming Monday- Jan. 21st
  • Yearbook orders went out today. Please fill out and turn in form if you wish to buy a yearbook.
  • Sunday Jan. 27th we will begin our Open House and Catholic Schools Week with Mass at 9am. Open House will start immediately after Mass until 2pm.
  • Red Folders were due today. Please send in if you haven't yet. Thanks!
  • White 3 ring binder with clear sleeve was due today too. Please try your best to turn it in by this Wed. It's a long process to assemble these folders for each student and I would love to get them done by this weekend. Thank you and hope you understand. 
  • We will have a rainy week so it's o.k. to send your child to school with 1 or 2 toys so that they may play with them during indoor recess/lunch. 
Be safe and God bless you all.
Mrs. Ortiz

School Supply Request

  • Each student to bring -Avery 1" 3- ring binder with durable clear cover in white.
  • This folder will be used to store and display the student's narrative writing samples which will be showcased for Open House.  Please bring by Monday 1/21/19 or before. Thank you!

Winter Break Homework:

Hello Everybody,
Holiday Blessings to you all! Please make sure you spend time with your child this winter break studying and reviewing all of their learned addition and subtraction facts. First graders must know how to add and subtract within 10.
I hope you all have been saving the little fact cards that go home from time to time. If not, then don't worry just make sure your child is studying addition and subtraction facts. Oh, and don't forget to read, read, read!
The goal in first grade is for your child to learn to read with accuracy, fluency, and expression. 
Reminders for Tonight's Christmas Program:
  • Drop off your child by 6:30pm inside the church by the nativity scence.
  • Children will be dismissed after our finale song, "Feliz Navidad". Children will not be allowed to just leave teacher's sight, so please come forward to pick up your child. 
  • Dismissal at 10:30am or you may sign out your child right after Mass.
See you tonight!
Mrs. Ortiz

PJ Day- Fri. 12/14/18

  • The students have asked if they may bring a plush toy or stuffed animal to school tomorrow to use for AR reading time. I said yes!
  • But no blankets please and no pillows. Thanks!
Mrs. Ortiz

STM Christmas Program-Tues. 12/18/18 at 7pm

  • Last minute change for drop off on Tues. afternoon for our school Christmas Program... please drop off your child inside the church by the benches next to the nativity scene. You may stop dropping off by 6:35pm. 
Thank you!
Mrs. Ortiz

Homework Agenda for the week of 12/10-12/14/18

Class News/ Reminders:
  • If you haven't turned in the red traveling folder (went home Fri.) please turn in by tomorrow- Tues. 12/11/18. 
  • Christmas Toy Drive for the Children! - we kindly ask for each family to donate 1 Christmas toy. Ends Dec. 13th Thank you!
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass this Wed. Dec. 12th- children are welcome to come dressed with Mexican native attire. Ex: boys may dress as Juan Diego, girls may wear a Mexican outfit with a rebozo a long flat garment folded, or wrapped around the head and or upper body to shade from the sun.
  • Thurs. Dec. 13 - 7th Grade Christmas Bazaar- send your child to school with $$ (starting $1.00+). Money should be in an envelope or wallet/ NO LOOSE MONEY PLEASE - THIS WILL SAVE ME FROM A HEADACHE. 
  • Friday 12/14- PJ Day and class Christmas Party- party for children only.
  • Monday Dec. 17th- Free Dress- Christmas Theme and/or ugly sweater.
  • Career Day is coming up- January 29, 2019- If you would like to spend some time talking to the first graders about your job, please inform me right away. I already have Mr. Gonzalez volunteering. I need 2 more parents. Please email me or write me a note. Thanks!
    • FYI- Christmas Program this Monday Dec. 17th at the church- doors to the church will be open starting at 6:30pm
Mrs. Ortiz 


  • Red traveling folders go home tomorrow. Please make sure red folder along with stapled papers with signatures are returned by Monday. 
    • MISSING 2 RED FOLDERS:If you happen to find the red folder at home tonight, please send home tomorrow so that I can fill it up with your child's recent graded classwork and resend home tomorrow. Thanks!
Mrs. Ortiz

Weekly Spelling List Correction

My apology for misspelling word # 10 on the weekly spelling list. I meant to type ten but somehow typed tenl. Forgive me!
  • Thank you Mrs. Carrillo for donating a hand sanitizer and a box of band-aids. Also, for donating a multi-colored pack of construction paper, but if anyone is still interested in buying more construction paper for our class, that's even better!
Mrs. Ortiz 

Homework Agenda for the Week of 12/3-12/7/18

Class News: 
  • Our first grade class is very low with some school supplies, so it would be ideal for each child to bring one of each of the following school supplies; red construction paper, yellow, black, & purple 9x12, or if it's too much to ask then who even can help us out it would be greatly appreciated. 
  • Also, it would be appreciated if someone can donate 1 red, and 1 blue pack of construction paper but in a 12x18 size. Thank you very much!! 
  • Also, need band aids for our classroom "boo boo" basket and a large hand sanitizer bottle.
  • This is for those families who are or may have a hard time finding white pants for your child (boy) to wear to our Christmas program. If unable to find white pants, then please have your boy wear black pants. Hope this helps out.
Mrs. Ortiz

Homework Agenda for the Week of 11/26-11/30/18

Class News:
  • New student individual AR Goals/book level were sent home today. Please make sure you keep this paper safe at home so that you can refer to it when you check out or buy AR books for your child to read and test on in class.Children will have until March 1, 2019 to meet their new individualized AR goal. 
  • If you would like to donate any AR (K, 1st, or 2nd grade) books to our class, I am more than happy to receive them. if books are in new or gently used condition - I may give you service hours. Thanks!
  • Our class Christmas song is Mi Burrito Sabanero. This is a spanish song, so the children will be learning some spanish as they learn this song.How fun is that?!
  • 12/6- St. Nicholas Feast- kids, make sure you wear clean socks on this day!
  • 12/12- Mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe- all children are welcome to come with their Native attire to honor our Lady of Guadalupe.
  • 12/17/18 STM Christmas Program in the Church. 1st graders to be dropped off by 6:40pm at the hall. Program starts at 7pm
  • All Field Trip permission forms and money is now due.
Have a fantastic week!
Mrs. Ortiz

PE Homework:

  • Per Miss Rebecca- PE homework is due Nov. 29, 2018.
  • Reading information sheets sent home today- please feel free to use these with your child as you read through your Thanksgiving break. Please use over and over every time you read with your child. 
Mrs. Ortiz

Homework Agenda for the Week of 11/12-11/16/18

Class News and Reminders:
  • Field Trip forms went out today. Please make sure you read, sign  and return Permission form by Thursday, Nov. 15th + the  $25.00 fee.
  • FYI - I will not be collecting any field trip permission forms or fees on Friday (11/16/18)- Parent Teacher Conference Day. I would like to focus on your child's academic progress etc. 
  • PE Homework from Miss Rebecca- Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt sheet will go home tomorrow. 
  • Formal Uniform tomorrow- Mass at 8:30am
Have a wonderful rest of the week and Happy Thanksgiving to you all. See you Friday!
Mrs. Ortiz