My Second Family


August 2018

Hello, I am Mrs. Aletha Bailey. This is my 19th year teaching Third Grade at St. Thomas More School (STM). I am a college graduate  and have some teaching units from Loyola Marymount University. I have also taught Grades 1-6 in a multi-grade level setting, previously, before coming to STM. That experience has taught me valuable lessons in planning and flexibility.

Every year, my goal is to establish a safe environment for all students. A place where students can make mistakes, ask questions, seek help or just share their thoughts. I also emphasize the importance of tolerance and understanding of other people’s ideas.

Our school’s Common Core State Standard (CCSS) aligned Math and Language Art Curriculum, enables students to think more critically and “outside the box”. The school’s on-going Core Instructional Practice (CIP) Professional Development, aids us, educators, in bringing more depth and meaning/relevance to our students’ learning. Finally, our school’s Catholicity unites the strong union between the academics and faith formation.

Having been here for a while, I have nurtured some great relationships with families, whose children I have taught, from the oldest to the youngest. Somehow this gives me the ability to widen my family outside the Bailey clan. It is a huge blessing to see and track the children’s growth after leaving third grade. My students, incoming and former, become a part of my life. That’s why I stay . STM is my second family  and my second home .

Thank you for dropping by and visiting. May our Lord Jesus Christ grant all of us the grace, patience and discernment we all need to face this school year boldly.



Mrs. Bailey



Recent Posts

Homework (1/23):

1.  Math - Do p. 149 (H/R). Tables 1-12, test on Friday.
2.  Language - Study p. 194-195, quiz tomorrow.
3.  Social Studies - Do take test.
4.  Reading - pp. 70-83, test on Friday.
5. Test Paper Folder went home today.
6. Family Envelope sent home today. 
7. A/R Testing tomorrow.
8. Accountable Talk : Just think about this prompt : "Should our world be completely be dwarf-friendly?" Why?/Why not. No need to write down your opinion, make sure you are ready for a fun but thorough discussion tomorrow.
Mrs. Bailey

Homework (1/22):

1.  Reading - Finish copying vocabulary words (Parts 1 and 2) on your notebook.
Finish Story Element paper, due tomorrow. Review pp. 70-83, comprehension test on Friday.  This is NOT an open book test.
2.  Math - Review tables 1-12, test on Friday.
3.  Mass tomorrow.  Please come in your complete, formal school uniform.

Homework (1/17):

1.  Vocabulary - pp. 70-75, test tomorrow.
2.  Math - Do p. 171 (S/A).  Tables 1-11, test tomorrow.
3.  Science - Do take home test.
4.  Religion - Do take home test.
5.  Finish SLE, Obj, D/C, and Accountable Talk paper.
6.  Bring simple materials from home for your Science mini-project being done in school, (Ex : empty shoe box, stickers, bottle cleaner, etc) if you want.

Homework (1/16):

1.  Math - Do p. 170 (S/A), tables 1-11, test on Friday.
2.  Vocabulary - pp. 70-75, test on Friday.
3.  Social Studies - Finish Invention Paper.
4.  Test Paper Folder sent home today.
5.  A/R testing tomorrow.
Travelling mercies to everyone,
Mrs. Bailey

Homework (1/15):

1.  Vocabulary - pp. 70-75, test on Friday.
2.  Math - Do p. 167 (S/A). Review counting by halves and fourths (see notebook). Review tables 1-11, test on Friday.
3.  Social Studies - Do worksheet. Please answer in a complete sentence.
4.  Language - Typewritten Narrative due on Tues (1/22). Parents, please make sure to read the directions very well (see white paper).
5.  Mass tomorrow, complete, formal school uniform.
6.  Empowering God's Children - Permission Slip (for those who have NOT turned it in.
Stay dry and safe travelling mercies to all of us,
Mrs. Bailey

Homework (1/14):

1.  Math - Tables 1-11, test on Friday (1/18).
2.  Vocabulary - Use each vocabulary word in a sentence (see pp. 70-71) on your notebook.  pp. 70-75, test on Friday (1/18).
3.  Empowering God's Children Safety Program - Permission Slip : Parents, please make sure you to read this notice and if you have any questions, please call Mrs. Quinones, right away.  Please send the slip back as soon as possible.
4.  Field Trip reminders sent home today (hot pink paper).
5.  Year Book Order form sent home today.
6.  PE tomorrow.
7.  3rd Grade tapestry due tomorrow.
Mrs. Bailey

Reminders (1/11):

1.  Math - pp. 159-164 (S/A), p. 101 (H/R) - test Unit 2 on Monday.
2.  Vocabulary - Review pp. 70-74.
3.  Future Mini-Me due Monday.
4.  Rosary on Monday, loaner available.
5. Dinosaur paper due Monday
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Bailey

Homework (1/10):

1.  Vocabulary - pp. 70-74 test on Friday (1/25).
2.  Science - Do take home test.
3.  Religion - Do take home test. 7 Sacraments, test tomorrow.
4.  Math - Tables 1-11, test tomorrow. Unit 2 (pp. 159-164) test on Monday (1/14).
5.  Family Envelope - for those who have NOT turned it in. Thank you!
Mrs. Bailey

Homework (1/08):

1.  Vocabulary - Review pp. 70-71.
2.  Math - Rewrite the correct answers on p. 162 (S/A) - see answer sheet.  Do p. 163 (S/A). Review tables 1-11, test this Friday.
3.  Religion - Review the 7 Sacraments, test this Friday.
4.  Future Mini-Me project - A packet was sent home to each child. Finished work due on Monday (1/14). Grade will be based on the project and each child's oral presentation. Please see instructions.
5.  Mass tomorrow - complete, formal school uniform
6.  Pet Pics - I still have students who have NOT turned in their pictures.
7.  I need help, Parents! If you or someone you know would like to come to our Career Day, January 29, 2019, please email me (
I already have 2 volunteers but I still need at least 2 more. The open spots are : 8:30-9:30 and 10:30-11:30.  It will be less than one hour, I just rounded off the time, to give the children time to process what they heard and experienced. The speaker will be talking about the nature of their job, why they chose that field of employment, the perks, the hardships and anything interesting s/he would like to share with the whole class. There will be a short Q/A after the presentation. I will be their to monitor the activity and the kids' questions ;)
Thank you and God bless!
Mrs. Bailey

Homework (1/07):

1. Vocabulary - Review pp. 68-71.
2.  Math - Review tables 1-11, test this Friday. Unit 2 pp. 159-162, test on Monday (1/14).
3.  Religion - 7 Sacraments test this Friday (correct spelling, please).
4.  PE tomorrow.
5.  Pet pics
Thank you for remembering me last Christmas.  Thank you for all your support! I pray the this year will be a year of breakthroughs and abundance. Happy New Year!
Mrs. Bailey 

Reminders (12/17):

1.  Math - Study tables 1-11.
2.  Religion - Study the 7 Sacrament.
3.  3 pics with pet/s due on the week of January 7, 2019.
4.  Read A/R books.
5.  Christmas Program tonight @ 6:30 pm - drop-off (church); 7:00 pm - Program starts. Parents, please make sure to pick up your child AFTER the final Christmas song : Feliz Navidad.  We will be at the back of the church where the Saint Jude statue is.
6.  Complete, formal school uniform tomorrow.  Please arrange for an early pick-up. Dismissal will be at 10:30 am, NO After Care.
7.  December 19-january 4, 2019 - Christmas Vacation
8.  January 7, 2019 (Monday) - Classes resume
9.  NO backpack tomorrow.
10.  Next homework update will be on Monday (January 7, 2019)
The merriest Christmas to all of you! And I pray for a Blessed 2019 to all of us!
Mrs. Bailey

Reminders (12/14):

1.  Narrative Writing due Monday.
2.  Math - Study tables 1-11.
3.  Religion - Study the 10 Commandments.
4.  3 pet pics due on the week of Jan 7, 2019.
5.  Monday - (12/17) - Christmas Program @ 6:30 PM, drop-off place : STM Church.  Please make sure to pick up your child after the whole school sings : Feliz Navidad. We will be situated at the back of the church.
6.  Free Dress on Monday - Ugly Sweater or Christmas-themed shirt with jean and school shoes.
Have an awesome weekend!
Mrs. Bailey

Homework (12/13):

1.  Reading - Comprehension Check test tomorrow.  Please return text book back tomorrow.
2.  Math - Study Tables 1-11, test next year.
3.  Religion - Study the 7 Sacraments (see paper). Students must know how to write the sacraments in correct spelling. Test next year.
4.  3 pictures of your child with their pets (present or past) for our indoor bulletin board. It could just be pictures of the pet/s, with your child, or with other family members. Due on the week of January 7, 2019. All picture will be returned, once done.
5. PJ's tomorrow, appropriate for school and school shoes.  Please NO slippers.
Have a good evening,
Mrs. Bailey

Homework (12/12):

1.  Finish Narrative Writing, due Monday (12/17).  Will collect yellow paper, final draft, where you "skipped a space" after each line.
2.  Reading - pp. 29-44, test on Friday (12/14).
3.  Math - Study  tables 1-11.
4.  Religion - Study 7 Sacraments (see paper). Do Unit 3 take home test.
5.  7th Grade Bazaar tomorrow.
6.  Test Paper folder sent home today.
7.  Finish Bible Verse paper.